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I knew it wasn’t going to be easy , but this year have been very challenging for me.
Living abroad is a new beginning. It's simply that I chose this place. Following my heart and my gut led me here. I also feel proud of having built a life from scratch, with no reliance on existing networks or family ties. It feels like an achievement, and it has given me confidence that, if I need to, I can do it again. On the other side you need to deal with uncertainty.

Uncertainty and I are best friends, living far away from my family and my support group adapting to a culture with a different language. You never get used to it, but you get the idea of ​​dealing with it.
We create plans, projects, many times they bloom and others sink without warning. In pragmatic subjects we have to pay the rent, the food, the internet, the power. Small vicissitudes of day to day. The ease of simply belonging. I can't make friends with locals the same way I would if I were living in my hometown.

Every day is a challenge, but every day is also exciting and unique. I learn something new every day. It could be a new word in another language, politics in another country, or how to prepare a new dish. Sometimes I've felt lonely because I've felt like I belong nowhere

Although not everything is golden I have had breakpoints, moments of storm I hate them when they happen, but when they go I discover that I have learned a lot. After the rain comes the sun and sometimes gives us a beautiful rainbow.

Cooking for one

If something leads my list of things I do not like doing is cooking for one, just after drying dishes and ironing shirts / T-shirts. Do not misunderstand: I love cooking, but investing so much effort in one portion is something i try to avoid. I don't like cooking in a rush or in a bad mood. I opt for something quick and easy. But when i cook for someone else i put all my efforts because is a privilege to share a meal with someone after you’ve cooked it from scratch. It’s a privilege for them to eat your meal, sure, but it’s also a joy to share the food you made with someone you love .However sometimes i choose to eat foods purely for the pleasure of eating them or i want to try a new recipe. So when this thing happen i turning it into an opportunity to treat myself.

Today i did

Lentil burger with baked sweet potato fries and beer . Let's eat ;)

Currently Reading

One of my favourite thing in life is to drink tea while reading a book. I'm almost always in a tea mood ! The weather doesn't matter but i love reading while it’s raining outside It makes me feel so calm and relaxed.
Currently reading :

  • The Japanese lover

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

Tokio blues (Norwegian Wood)

Let's read :)

Alan Rickman : 1946-2016

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."
We're all gonna miss you, Alan Rickman. :(

R.I.P. Bowie

This is David Bowie. David fucking Bowie. RIP Bowie, you amazing fucker

2015 will be remembered for.......

2015 was literally the most special year of my life .

Dreams come true I went to japan . The journey was amazing .... Fukuoka was magical for me because my friends mostly but also is a lovely city. My friend and his family hosted us ( my boyfriend and I ) and showed us around.

Tokyo is HUGE .... so many things to do and to see.
In osaka the food is so cheap and sooo good. Talking about Osaka's food , there are too many but of course the most iconic are Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki.
Kyoto is the city of temples :
Kiyomizu-dera! This place is gorgeous is one of Kyoto's must - see temples. This was the highlights of a trip.

2016, I'd like to see you top that

Pic by me : Shibuya crossing in tokyo.